Advance Engineering

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Advance Engineering Services

Specialising in high quality bespoke vacuum chambers, crosses, tees, elbows and straight connectors. Manufactured in 304L/316L and 316LN stainless steel.

Our in-house processes are Tig welding, Turntable welding, Fitting, Milling, Horizontal borer and Turning up to 600mm.

We Leak test with a DRY Pfeiffer ASM 340 system to stop contamination and measuring to 10 x – 11. Tig brush cleaning for the removal of the weld discolouration. UHV Ultrasonic cleaning having two 600mm x 600mm sq tanks for chambers and one off 480mm x 230mm x 3300mm split tank enabling us to do up to 210mm x 3000mm straight connectors. We have a Hot Airdrying facility, Packing and Inspection area.