About Us

Advance Engineering Services Ltd was founded in 1982. It specialised in steam engines. Later on in the 80’s we expanded into precision engineering, then by the end of the 90’s had progressed into the manufacturing of vacuum chambers.

In 2004 it changed ownership. It was important that our company improved in all areas to move with the times. We not only invested in the manufacturing side by purchasing two CNC Milling machines, we also went into Tig brush weld discolouration removal. UHV Ultrasonic cleaning, leaking checking and inspection all done inhouse.

We work mainly in stainless steel 304L/ 316L and 316LN and have the ability to reach high tolerances.

In March 2016 we moved premises to our 5000 sq ft Purpose built unit, which is found on the Wheel Farm Business Park site in Westfield Hastings.

Since moving to this larger unit it has enabled us to purchase more machines and have the ability to expand if needed.

We have changed our Leak tester machine from a wet to a dry system to ensure there is no contamination within the chambers. Also we have a 480mm x 230mm x 3300mm split Ultrasonic tank which is able to clean up to 3000mm long straight connectors, along side the two 600mm x 600mm x 600mm which are used to clean chambers, which can be then dried in the drying oven.

We have a new Lathe that can turn up to 600mm flanges.

Our Welding turntable provides a high precision method of rotating a pipe or vessel making the welds consistent.

We supply throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally.